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Min Yong's Story


From an unexplained brain injury at birth, Min Yong was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 12 months of age. He couldn’t crawl, talk, or eat on his own; for 10 years, Min Yong had tried physical therapy, occupational therapy, language therapy, aquatic rehabilitation, special education, and more. To find Min Yong a better environment to live, our family decided to immigrate to the U.S. through a recommendation of a friend. Throughout the years, our family always had Min Yong’s best interest in mind. 


Despite our expectations, we faced the cold truth. Rehabilitation, as expensive it is, was out of the picture. To maintain our legal residence status, we were always working, unable to provide care for Min Yong; Min Yong’s 4-year-old brother thus had cared for Min Yong ever since. However, we never lost hope that we all would some day find happiness in U.S.—a new country with less discrimination against the disabled. 


Unfortunately, another big ordeal is imminent for our family. This May, Min Yong, now 22-years-old, will leave the public school system, and Min Yong’s younger brother, now in 11th grade, will leave the nest for bigger things. Though we are finding a caregiver and environment for Min Yong that will be both safe and affordable, it has been extremely difficult as Min Yong can neither qualify for government aid, nor can our family afford most programs. Moreover, there are only a few agencies that accept those like Min Yong, who cannot walk by himself. 


Min Yong’s favorite activity is to spend time with people. Without anyone’s help, Min Yong miraculously logs onto Facebook to interact with individuals across the world through Messenger. If he were not able to attend day care, Min Yong would remain alone in the couch, attempting to call his parents, at work, unable to tend to his S.O.S.. 


Would you please help this young man, who aches for human interaction, break out into the world and mingle with others?

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