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Our Stories

Once a child at ONE Ministry, now a decent young man.

     A 4-year-old girl just starts to walk with ONE Ministry

          Once a silly elementary school girl, now a mature middle school student. 

               A child breaks out of her 15-year home-cocoon to learn with ONE Ministry


                     Real, raw stories more touching and beautiful than those in films or novels exist here in ONE Ministry.


Hoony's Story

Born with Down Syndrome, Hoony receives a brain surgery merely 4 months after birth. Due to a brain injury since, he has been living with much medical care. 


ONE Ministry Summer Camp in 2017 remains as Hoony’s favorite memory. Since then, he has been coming back to ONE Ministry for its Summer Camps and Korean Language School. Every Saturday, Hoony is happy with his friends in language class. 


Now 22-years-old, Hoony has nowhere to go… Please listen to his story.


Min Yong's Story

With no one’s instruction, the 22-year-old Min Yong interacts with individuals from across the globe through Facebook and Messenger. 


Min Yong always yearns for someone’s voice. Please listen to his story.

2019년 여름캠프 사진 이정연 1.JPG
photo_2023-01-15_20-44-12 (2).jpg

Jung Yun's Story

After 15 years of life, Jung Yun finally breaks out of her home-cocoon. 


Jung Yun only started connecting with her peers in ONE Ministry. Everyday is a new day for her. Please listen to her story. 

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