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ONE Ministry is...

Located in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, ONE Ministry is a non-profit organization that supports individuals with developmental disabilities. 


We believe in “Beautiful ONE”: creating a world where everyone unites and lives in harmony—regardless of disability status. ​

1. Worship & Missionary Work

Creation of disability division in churches

Ministry to people with disabilities

2. Education

Day Program 

Korean Language School

Summer Camp

3. Welfare 

Day Care Center

Our Mission

As a non-profit organization supporting individuals with disabilities located in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, ONE Ministry seeks to create a “Beautiful ONE” world: a world in which everyone, regardless of disability status, lives in harmony. 


Our Story

ONE Ministry Inaugural Sermon

Mar. 03, 2017


Sermon: Bong Su Choi, Minister


Prayers: Jong Ok Kwak,


Director of ONE Ministry


Speech of Encouragement: Jae Hyu Choi, Minister


Presentation: Chang Geun Kim, Minister


Hymns & Accompaniment: Jong Dae Kim, Ja Hyun Kim

A Korean Language School for the Disabled

Mar. 31, 2017

KKumgul Logo(low).gif

ONE Ministry’s first educational program, “Kumgeul”


Location: Emory University

Kumgeul Inaugural Sermon

Aug. 05, 2017


Speech: Seung Hyuk Choi, Promise Church


Prayers: Seung Hun Lee, Johns Creek Korean UMC


Benediction: Bong Su Choi, Sugarloaf Korean Baptist Church


Presentation: Chang Geun Kim, former Minister of ONE Ministry


Hymns: The Youth Choir of Korean First Presbyterian Church

Our Team

곽종옥 - 이사장 - 원미니스트리

Gong Ok Kwak


최경숙 - 이사 - 원미니스트리

Kyung Sook Choi



Rev. Jin Won Jang

Director of Missonary & Welfare


Ja Eun Goo

Office Manager


SongYi Kim

Education Officer

Volunteer Sign-Up

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with ONE Ministry. We are infinitely grateful for the help of our volunteers, and won’t be able to continue our work without them.

Please fill out the form if you are interested in volunteering with us. We will follow up with a registration link via email. Thank you.

302 Satellite Blvd, Suite 129,

Suwanee, GA 30024

(470) 350-1094

Thanks for submitting!

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