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Jung Yun's Story


Born with hydrocephalus, Jung Yun has had to go through a lot of pain growing up. Not being able to eat or walk alone, Jung Yun has experienced a myriad of chronic illnesses such as scoliosis, GERD, IBS, and asthma, which unfortunately, had made her susceptible to visiting the hospital for a small sickness like the common cold. Throughout her life, she’s had many near-death experiences; therefore, the idea of Jung Yun going to school had been out of the picture. We, as parents, believed that the best option for our daughter was the homebound service. For 15 years, such care would allow Jung Yun to receive rehabilitation, education, and nursing services at home.


We couldn’t leave our frail daughter without anyone. We would simply pray for her 24/7, hoping that she stays alive. Unfortunately, this meant that Jung Yun—as well as our family—slowly became isolated from the world, and Jung Yun's health had declined. 


Completely by chance, we became acquainted with ONE Ministry and its Summer Camp. We’ve debated a lot about whether we should send Jung Yun to the camp, and furthermore, doubted that anything would change. However, to our pleasant surprise, the organization has been a godsend. Interacting with her peers, now friends, Jung Yun has started communicating with each other in their own language, and astonishingly, her physical and mental health has improved significantly. This small marvel has led to a bigger miracle: Jung Yun signed up for the Korean Language School, as well as started attending public school regularly. Last winter, she was so healthy that she hasn’t gotten sick once. 


We live our lives like every day is a miracle, but alas, Jung Yun, now 17-years-old, does not have many days left in the public school system. This is all the more to say that we sincerely hope to see Jung Yun continue her new-found life through the help of ONE Ministry. 


Please check out the photos of Jung Yun, and the improvements she had made through the guidance of ONE Ministry. Please help us carry on this miracle. 


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