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Ggumgeul - Korean
Language School

The Ggumgeul Korean Language School is an educational program for the developmentally disabled. Phonetically called “Ggumgeul Hakgyo,” the name means “school of dreams.” The program provides exciting educational opportunities in language, arts, music, Sensory Play, global cultural studies, physical activities, and more according to each student’s ability and needs. 


Our program is not only educational—but also inclusive. We foster an environment in which siblings of students, children of educators, and able-bodied students come together under the arms of the Lord to explore and experience what a healthy community looks like. We promote a community that loves all—no matter how we are born. We seek to create a society that respects, loves, and coexists with all persons. 


Atlanta Chosun Ilbo: “‘Ggumgeul’ Inaugural Autumn Athletics Event”

Oct 21 , 2019

  Ggumgeul News

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